Thursday, 29 September 2011

Off on a break.

Well progress was a bit slow this month, got a case of the flu, well ok not really but some virus anyway :) Dont you hate it when people always say the have the flu and a couple of days later they are better. Thats not influenza people!
Anyway I will be off on a holiday for 1 month (for october) and will not be taking a laptop along. I will be viewing the magnificent landscapes of middle-earth though, well Peter Jackson's version of it anyway. 


Friday, 9 September 2011

Quick and dirty tiled space marines.

Just to let you know I am still alive. Lost a week to life but hopefully things will get on track next week.   I decided to spend an hour looking at adding Psiweapon's graphics to the game. Below are some quick in-game screen shots, the terrain tiles are just something I threw together.  The mutants/cultists are a single tile whereas the marines are constructed randomly with different body parts/equipment.  I think 7 different tiles construct the marines.
I have also "painted" the space marines armour, upon loading the images, to blue or grey (i have not touch the other parts, or attempted to colour to any specific chapter).  I think it works well, thanks for the body parts Psiweapon.

Above - a blue space marine wielding a plasma pistol and a single lightning claw (will be in pairs in the game), and a jump-pack. Also a grey space marine wielding a chainsword and pistol.
Heavy bolter time. Daka daka!