Friday, 9 September 2011

Quick and dirty tiled space marines.

Just to let you know I am still alive. Lost a week to life but hopefully things will get on track next week.   I decided to spend an hour looking at adding Psiweapon's graphics to the game. Below are some quick in-game screen shots, the terrain tiles are just something I threw together.  The mutants/cultists are a single tile whereas the marines are constructed randomly with different body parts/equipment.  I think 7 different tiles construct the marines.
I have also "painted" the space marines armour, upon loading the images, to blue or grey (i have not touch the other parts, or attempted to colour to any specific chapter).  I think it works well, thanks for the body parts Psiweapon.

Above - a blue space marine wielding a plasma pistol and a single lightning claw (will be in pairs in the game), and a jump-pack. Also a grey space marine wielding a chainsword and pistol.
Heavy bolter time. Daka daka!


  1. Reviewing the screen shots I really need to get some better in-theme terrain tiles.

  2. Moar liek *I need to get you* X_D

    For interior tiles I can take reference from those urban warfare or whatever kits, with their arches and eagles and whatnot... but I guess I'll have to make up the other stuff, what kinds of terrain are you thinking of?

  3. I guess I can make do for the moment, as I know you are quite busy ;)

    I am currently picturing a game that takes place underground. Start at an Imperial style city/compound level, that descends down into maintenance levels, then levels that have been forgotten, levels that have collapsed to ruin and built over 1000s of years ago and maybe caves etc.
    So I really just need some wall tiles and floor tiles that reflect the different building styles of Imperial rule over a few thousand years. With the occasional emperor/chaos/machinery highlights. And of course matching flooring. :) Well seriously just one or two tiles that reflect the feel of that.

  4. I was messing around with some starcraft tiles as shown in the demo pics. Maybe they might work for overland if I mix them up a bit. I think they might be designed to be placed next to certain tiles. I will have to play with these more.