Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sneak Peak Video - Bloody Fatalities (ASCII)

I have a nice present for you. I have uploaded a demo video of my weapon "fatalities". Please note that this is just a demo and does not represent the real game, blah, blah, blah. The action takes place in a generic cave setting where a few unarmed cultists were having a private get together when suddenly an uninvited Ultramarine shows up.

I have upped the fatality setting, but saying that this is probably more realistic result of what a chainsword would do to an unarmoured human.
Bolters have had their damage upped in this demo, I don’t need to say more lest I ruin the surprise.
Blood for the Blood God!

 In this demo the body parts you see are just generic, i.e. don’t expect the loss of a limb to slow the cultists down any. That will come later, this demo is really just about showing the various fatalities.

Things I will be doing next.
  • Construct the spacemarines and cultists out of Psiweapons sprites and “Paint” them up.
  • Find some terrain placeholder tiles. (e.g cave, overworld, ship, mine, city, ruins below city etc)
  • Seed the name generator with chapter themed names.
  • Add correct damage models for ranged weapons. E.g. bolters have explosive bolts and lasguns have searing beams of energy.
  • Add a simple roguelike scenario (probably will just improve the cultist's cave for now)
  • Finish the Arena scenario.
  • Come up with a better name. What was it that Fenrir suggested? Conflictmallet 0x9C40
 All in time for the ARRP, thats still months away right? We will see.

P.s Sorry about the music, I *now* know that CamStudio records what you are listening to. I should of been playing the Dawn of War 2 soundtrack instead of Pete Murray :)


  1. Awesome!!!

    If you're going to be "blinded by blood" so often, plz, include some sort of "(a)pply towel" mechanic, or half of the time it's going to be slashing around not knowing what's there, finding a pile of mutilated corpses afterwards.

    Also, another todo: THE HEALING POTION.

  2. Hehe, blood blinding is actually only 1 or 2 rounds, and it will be much rarer than that. The longer blinding in the demo was a left over from a previous game. I used the Troll Slayer goblin-template for cultists, hence they have the dirty fighting tactics and poke you in the eye. I cant imagine that really working against a Space Marine!

  3. Although it would really piss him off!

  4. I noticed in the video that weapon damage is a set number ... will that stay, or do you plan to switch to dice system (1D6 etc) later in the development?

  5. This looks very cool! The blood and gore is one of the best bits of games like Dwarf Fortress, so seeing this level of detail here is really nice. And, as my first post here, a WH40K roguelike is a great idea too.

  6. Anon - yes good spot. I am probably going to do 1-Max Dam + skills/proficiencies. I will avoid XdY for now as I find it is more in line with a stock standard fantasy game.

    Mark, thanks. Death and gore go hand-in-hand in the 40k universe. WH40k is probably a bad choice for a designer so much to live up to.

    I will post some screen shots of Psiweapons icons in action soon.