Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Back home

Hell I'd rather be elsewhere but I am back from a one month holiday, cruising, skiing, driving, watching rugby and relaxing. Now I am back to reality, I will get back to programming soonish, as soon as I reclaim my laptop back. It is in the hands of someone else and it has all my unsaved code on it! Probably about time I backed it up, hopefully it wont be too late.

P.s New Zealand rulz, well the south island is sweet as bro, the north island is full of people!

"You know I can't eat your ghost chips, bro!" Hahahahahahahaha!!!


  1. Hey man mail me or PM me over the Temple when you are ready to use some background tile elements :) walls, floors and that kind of stuff.

  2. Man, work and my house building project are really taking their toll. I am totally exhausted. I am hoping to get back to it next week.

    Thanks for dropping by and giving me a boost, hopefully I will be back programming and loving it very soon. Cheers.