Sunday, 8 January 2012

Warhammer 40000 lore in a minute

While I was at sometime going to develop my own brief lore 
of the Warhammer 40000 universe,
I stumbled across this one. This will do for now :)


  1. hi man
    i was googling 40k roguelikes and found

    I'm new to RL but wanted to pass by and tell you
    go go go
    the WH deserves its roguelike and you are doing an awesome job.
    good to know you are still alive.

    some random ideas to throw to you:
    in grimdark there are few pets:
    grynx (an eldar mix of lynx and fox) comunicate with its owner with telepathy.
    servoskull mostly useless. just fly around...
    Squig , i dont know if you would include orks in your game (hope so), you could find a special breed of squig while very little. If you give him food he follow you. he Slowly grows bigger and bigger and is very difficult to control. If he dies afer a few turns another little squig is bron from his corpse.
    If the player worships the chaos gods he could be rvarded with
    Flesh Hound, or a deamonette or even a jiggernaut.
    SPace Wolfes while praying to the emperor could recieve a pet fenrisian Wolf.
    Praying to Omnissiah could get an arco flagellant

    Also Adeptus sorortias would be cool.
    When they are near death and if theyir faith is high there is a chance that emperor will give them strenght temporany increasing all combat stats. Maybe sometimes they could be resurrected after death....(just a slim chance)
    they should be weaker ten spacemarine and be sort of a hard mode.

    dont give up on this project man

  2. Still and live and kick'n man. Too little time to do anything productive though. There is a little RL challenge coming up called the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge that I will be participating in and hopefully suceeding. I will be using it for a kickstart to the project.

    Yeah, pets could really work, however I just need a bad-ass space marine walking around first. I do plan on having allies in the game, and other races/classes. Since the game will be aimed a super-human player, Orcs and Chaos Marines fit here, the other races will have to match up to that. E.g Adepta Sororitas or the Imperial Guard might start out as a squad, demonic possession...

    Anyway I plan on eventually adding a lot of stuff, servo-skulls for sure, gun-servitors.