Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Waaaghammer with gfx?

Look I am sick of people asking that question. Like come on, Waaaghammer has only being released for a couple of days, jeez. If I had a throne gelt (dollar) for every time I have heard that question, well, I guess I would be a very poor citizen.

Anyway enough messing around,
What would Waaaghammer 7DRL look like with tiles?

Well perhaps it might look like that, but I doubt that the orcs would be wearing space marine armour. The squigs and grots are represented here as random mutants.

Anyway, come on corremn, enough mucking around and get to fixing the 'nids, err I mean bugs in Waaaghammer before dreaming of the future.

Graphics courtesy of Psiweapon (units) and the rest, well I guess, the generosity of the internet (if ya know me meaning ;)

On a completely unrelated note, Psiweapon doing much lately? :)

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  1. found this
    go go go for the the roguelike