Friday, 22 March 2013

Magic Fountain update 02

So I never really announced the game.
Introducing Magic Fountain my entry for the 2013 annual Seven Day Roguelike Challenge.
I am a bit disappointed in what I managed to achieve. It was supposed to be a game about choice and cool air or mech vehicles. The vehicles did not get in, nor did the heavy weapons, that you rip off vehicles/barricades. The level choice made it though, each level has 2 different coloured portals, each colour takes you to a different island type, and different enemies.  Most likely some islands types are easier than others.  Find the fountain, save the day.

Regular players of my games will recognise that the game uses the Troll Slayer fighting system, as well as my Warhammer 40k fatality system. Critical hits have been toned down though.

Just a quick bug fix update. There were and still are a few bugs that made the game unplayable.

Fixed freeze bug on populating monsters on first level
Fixed crash bug on ordering allies to escape level when there is no down stairs.
Fixed creature generation, you now get the correct island creatures not just the standard "forest" ones.

Activated fatalities to monster attacks.

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