Friday, 29 July 2011

Its alive!

So here is a quick run down of the game. 
The game is obviously set in the 40k universe and the player (at this stage) will play a Space Marine. While I have many ideas running around in my head, as well as many suggestions, currently all I know is that you can choose a chapter (or possible create your own, more on that later), descend into a "dungeon" and kill filthy chaos worshippers, heretics, mutants and xenos scum.  

I have been asked, by a great pixel artist, if I could actually use a single space marine model and "paint" it in the game. Using various newbie techniques I managed to do this, by reading in the base model and repainting set colours to other colours.  An example on this is shown below, with simple coloured models. 
Note that this is my art, and done really quickly with MS Paint :).  I think the turned out well for the effort I put it, but they are just an example of how to change the colour of the model in game. The purple and green model is the base model. 
Disclaimer: These are not the models I will be using in my game.


  1. Just to elaborate my method of painting models in game, I load the image into RGBA and replace set RGB groups with the new ones. THis means that I have multiple images in memory rather that just one, but it was the simplest method I could think of. I am using OpenGL but I dont really know any advanced techniques for doing this.

  2. Awesome!!!

    This is going to be GREAT :D

  3. We will see, a long way to go yet. Thanks for stopping by :)